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Suelene Junkes


Participação Especial - II Mostra Brasileira da Anap in the Louvre - Salon du Carroceu - Paris, França - 2013

Solo exhibition: Brazilian Contemporany Silkscreen - Canning House Ltd - The Espanic And Luso Brazilian Council - London England - 2001.

Suelene Junkes is an artist, engraver and painter, recognized and held in high esteem nationally as well as internationally. Classically trained, she was qualified and licensed in the Arts by the Regional Univercidade Blumenal (FURB), and received a postgraduate degree in "Plastic Contemporary Language", by Univercidade the State of Santa Catarina (UDESC). This, together with several art courses and workshops, formed an artist who is today considered by distinguished critics as "an artist in visible ascendancy and contemporaneity."

"Hailing from Blumenau, artist Suelene Junkes enjoys traveling and exploring. Leaving Brazil, she has visited Germany, Spain, France, Italy and other countries. After several visits she made to England, for courses and for a solo exhibition of prints in Canning House, the artist was seeking in the cold gardens of London a "leitmotiv" for her new work.
Utilizing wood- and linocut, the artist ventured boldly to modulate figure and abstraction. Will the confluence figuration / abstraction provide an option? Or setting? Or a confrontation? However abstraction imposes itself, providing greater aesthetic effect. The figure (leaves) acts as an adjuvant.
The fascination of art, painting, printmaking. The love of nature. A performance of leaves, nurturing creativity.
This striking profile of the artist Suelene Junkes identifies her sensitive art and aesthetic."

Vilson do Nascimento
Art critic/ABCA

Among three dozen individual and collective exhibitions, the last two years have been distinguished by "Brasilian Contemporany Silkscreen" - London, England - and "Gravura Contemporânea" - House of Culture in Joinville, two individual expositions.

Among the group exhibitions, Suelene participated in the "1st Roadmap of Catarinense Arts" (itinerant) - Art Museum of Santa Catarina - "Highlights from the Art Museum of Joinville," and "Collective in the Municipal Gallery of Arts" - Cultural Foundation of Blumenau.
Nationally, the artist participated in the "IV Contemporary Elke Hering Salon" - Cultural Foundation of Blumenau (1999) and "X National Hall of Visual Arts Vineyard" - São Paulo (2002).


Relevant is to mention that this artist represented Brazil in “Meeting of the Latin American Women" in London, in November 2001.”...

...“Linocut, monotype and woodcut are the processes used by the engraver. Technique, experimentalism and aestheticism accommodate themselves in her work. Thematically the artist diversifies her subjects and approaches. Human figures (heads or whole body), landscapes (urban and spatial) and abstractions (formal and informal), integrate and compose her scenarios. The artist sometimes makes interventions in figurative abstract works. This treatment provides more strength and visibility to the works. As rightly pointed out the poet and art critic Osmar Pisani: "... Suelene makes a contemporary reading of aesthetics and seeks constantly to identify with a personal language ... Click here to view the critique by Osmar Pisani, art critic, member of ABCA (Brazilian Art Critics Association) and of AICA (International Association of Art Critics).

This is Suelene Junkes. Investigative. Prolific. Competent. Tenacious. An engraver in visible ascendancy and contemporaneity.”...

These are the words of Vilson do Nascimento, art critic member of ABCA (Brazilian Art Critics Association) and of AICA (International Association of Art Critics). Click here to see the entire critique.

Through these passages we learn a little more about the work and the works of Suelene Junkes, an artist not only in the profession, but also in life, able to harmoniously combine the roles of wife, mother and professional success.


Suelene Exposição Plátanos





2024 - Strängnäs KonstGalleri, Strängnäs, Suécia.

2023 - Summer salon - Galleri Vågen, Stockholm, Suécia.

2023 - Contemporary Art II - Galleri Vågen, Stockholm, Sweden.

2022 - Alviks Galleri, Stockholm, Sweden.

2022 - Gamla Stans Galleri, Stockholm, Sweden.

2020 - Konsthallen, Stockholm, Sweden.

2019 - Summer salon - Galleri Vågen, Stockholm, Sweden.

2019 - Konstnärsalliansen - Klimatet Först - Kulturfyren, Stockholm, Sweden.

2018 - Esfera & A Cura - CasaHall Design District, Balneário Camboriú, S.C. Brazil.

2018 - Transmutare - Municipal Gallery of Art, Balneário Camboriú, S.C. Brazil.

2018 - Konstnärsalliansen - Nutid - Galleri Vågen, Stockholm, Sweden.

2018 - Occupacão - Municipal Gallery of Art, Balneário Camboriú, S.C. Brazil.

2018 - Konstnärsalliansen - Mångfald - Surte Glasbrukmuseum, Gothenburg, Sweden.

2017 - Ponte Cultural: 1st showing of contemporary art in Stockholm - Galleri Bellman, Stockholm, Sweden.

2017 - Project - director, administrator, and curator: Ponte Cultural.

2016 - Collective: AAPI - Casa da Cultura Dide Brandão/Cultural Foundation of Itajaí.

2015 - Collective: GAP - Ethnicities of Brasil - Municipal Gallery of Art, Balneário Piçarras.

2015 - Collective: GAP - Ethnicities of Brasil - Cultural Space UNIVALI, Itajaí.

2015 - Collective: 2 artistas, Kungsträdgården, Stockholm, Sweden.

2014 - Special Participation - X Mostra de Arte Brasileira - Art Index - World Trade Centre, Dubai, EAU.

2014 - Collective: Inauguration of Municipal Art Gallery - Balneário Camboriú, SC. Brazil.

2013 - Special Participation - II Mostra Brasileira da Anap in Louvre Museum - Salon du Carroceu - Paris, France.

2013 - Collective: Simbiose - Gallery of Cultural Foundation of Balneario Camboriu S.C. Brasil.

2012 - Collective: December 2012-February 2013 - Sustentabilidade - Municipal Gallery of Cultural Foundation of Balneario Camboriu S.C. Brasil.

2011 - Solo exhibition: September 2011-February 2012 - Gallery Bubble - Autumn Leaves - London, England

2010 - Collective: Janelas para Itajaí - UNERJ - Jaraguá do Sul SC

2010 - Collective: Emoções de Santa Catarina - Cristo Luz - Balneário Camboriú SC

2010 - Collective: Casa Show - Itajaí SC

2009  – Solo exhibition: Plátanos - Municipal Gallery of Art - Balneário Camboriú SC

– Solo exhibition: Incandescência - BESC Cultural Gallery- Blumenau SC

2008  – Collective: Meu Ambiente - Municipal Gallery of Art - Balneário Camboriú SC
– Collective: Meu Ambiente - UNERJ - Jaraguá do Sul SC

2007  – Collective: Meu Ambiente - Municipal Theathre - Itajaí SC
– Collective: Santa Catarina em Formas e Cores - Casa de Cultura Dr. José Antônio
Puppi - Campo Largo PR

2006  – Collective - Municipal Gallery of Art - Balneário Camboriú SC
– Collective: International Women's Day - UNIVALI - Balneário Camboriú SC
– Collective: Obras Doadas - UNIVALI - Balneário Camboriú SC

2005  – Solo exhibition: Reflexão - Santa Catarina Cultural Foundation (FCC)  - Centro
Integrado de Cultura (CIC) - Sala Lindolf Bell - MASC Florianópolis SC

2004  – Collective: Artes Plásticas - Fundação Cultural Alice Seiler - Blumenau SC
– Collective: Final de Ano - Fundação Cultural Alice Seiler - Blumenau SC
– Solo exhibition: Plátanos - SESC da Esquina - Curitiba PR

2003  – Collective: Folklore of Santa Catarina -Artistas do GAP- Gallery of Blumemau Cultural Foundation
– Collective: Balneário Camboriú, 39 Years - Artistas do GAP- Municipal Gallery of  
Art - Balneário Camboriú SC
– Solo exhibition: Suelene Junks - FURB - Blumenau SC
– Solo exhibition: Gravura e Pintura - UNIVALI - Itajaí SC

2002  – Solo exhibition: Gravuras Contemporâneas Brasileiras - Galeria de Arte Victor
Kursancew - Casa de Cultura de Joinville - Joinville SC 

– Solo exhibition: Suelene Junkes -Gravadora- Centro Municipal de Cultura - Balneário
Camboriú SC

2001  – Solo exhibition: Brazilian Contemporary Silkscreen - London England  

– Collective: Arte e Esporte – São Paulo SP
– 1º Mapeamento das Artes Plásticas em Santa Catarina, Geração Atual - Mostra Itinerante SC
– Blumenau Cultural Foundation Art Gallery - Blumenau SC
– Joinville Museum of Art - Joinville SC
– Indaial Cultural Foundation Art Gallery - Indaial SC
– Jaraguá Cultural Foundation Art Gallery - Jaraguá SC
– UNOESC - Chapecó SC
– UNIPLAC - Lages SC
– UNISUL - Tubarão SC
– UNOESC - Concórdia SC
– UNOESC - Caçador SC
– UNOESC - Videira SC
– UNIDAVI - Rio do Sul SC

– Solo exhibition: Cores de Vênus, Gravuras - Blumenau Cultural Foundation Art Gallery - Blumenau SC

– Collective: Arte Abstração e Esporte - UNEARTE - São Paulo SC
– Collective: Amostra Novos e Contemporâneos II - Galeria de Arte Centro Cultural
Santa Catarina - Obras Doadas - São Paulo SP

2000  – 1º Mapeamento das Artes Plásticas em Santa Catarina, Geração Atual - Mostra Itinerante - UNIVALI - Itajaí SC
– MASC Museum of Art - Florianópolis SC
– Collective: Arttrês, 3 artistas - Dicave - Blumenau SC
– Collective: Faces Contemporâneas da Gravura, 2 artistas - FURB - Blumenau SC
– Collective: Brasil 500 Anos - Dicave - Blumenau SC
– Collective: ARTEVALE Instituto Blumenau 150 anos - Promoção Fundação Cultural de Blumenau - Blumenau SC
– Collective: A Mulher sobre o Olhar do Artista - Dicave - Blumenau SC
– Movimento Contemporâneo I - Centro Municipal da Cultura - Balneário Camboriú SC
– Mostra de Arte Contemporânea -Exposição de Obras Doadas- UNIVALE - Itajaí SC
– Collective: Movimento Contemporâneo - Salão Tannenwald – Nova Petrópolis RS

1999  – Individual de Gravuras - FURB - Blumenau SC  
– Collective: Gravuras - Teatro Carlos Gomes - Blumenau SC
– Solo exhibition: Gravuras - Caixa Econômica Federal - Blumenau SC

1998  – Solo exhibition: A Arte de Gravar - Praça Lindolf Bell - Blumenau SC 

– Collective: Gravuras - FURB - Blumenau SC
– Collective: Gravuras - UNIVILLE - Joinville SC

– Solo exhibition: A Natureza com Magia e Sonho – Grande Hotel - Blumenau SC

– Que Arte é essa? - FURB - Blumenau SC

1997  – Collective: Gravuras e Esculturas - Continental Museum Gallery - Blumenau SC  


2004  – Salão de Artes Visuais - Vinhedo SP     
2002  – Salão de Artes Visuais - Vinhedo SP  
1999  – Salão Municipal de Novos - Galeria Municipal de Artes -
Joinville SC
– IV Salão Elke Hering - Blumenau SC  

Embassy of Brazil in Stockholm, Sweden
Cultural Foundation -FCC- Florianópolis SC
Santa Catarina Museum of Art -MASC- Florianópolis
SESC da Esquina - Curitiba PR
Victor Kursancew Gallery - Joinville Cultural Foundation
Balneário Camboriú Cultural Foundation- FCBC - Balneário Camboriú SC
Canning House Ltd. The Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Council - London England
Santa Catarina Cultural Center - São Paulo SP
Univali - Itajaí SC
Blumenau Museun of Art - Blumenau SC
FURB - Blumenau SC
Shopping Neumarkt - Blumenau SC
Caixa Econômica Federal - Blumenau SC

Obs.: Represented Brazil in Meeting of Latin American Women in November 2001 in London, England


Free leaves, flying in the wind, rustling,
a song for the ears, dance for the eyes.
They breathe the air of life, our life.
Becoming paper, beginning a life
and thus completing each life.

Soft leaves, vibrant, multi-coloured
They run, seek, delirious, chasing a sound
Transmit the music in the streets,
Stations and street corners.

Leaves that sound and resonate like sea
Waves that drop, throw into the air,
In the clouds at infinity.
Autumn, spring or summer leaves,
Leaves of nostalgia.

Suelene Junkes




Art of birth
Art of growth
Art of life
Art of death

Art of dreaming
Art of living
Art of loving
Art of hating
Art of passion

What art is this?

Art of hunger
Art of misery
Art of degradation
Art of neglect
Art of disillusion

What art is this?

Art of painting
Art of creating
Art of learning
Art of teaching
Art of understanding

How to know what art is, if everything is art?

Art of nature
Art of beauty
Art of purity
Art of friendship
Art of respect


What art is this?

Art of artistas
Art of not artists
Art of disgust
Art of destruction
Art of hypocrisy

How to know what art is?

Art of rot
Art of waste
Art of filth
Art of garbage
Art of intolerance
Art of violence.

What art is this?

 Art of dedicaction
 Art of love
 Art of unity
 Art of fraternity
 Art of God.

Where is the art?

Here or there, all around us.
Wisdom and experience.

Art of tradition
Art of genetics
Art of the past
Art of the future
Art of the present

Art that breathes art, will always be art.

Suelene Junkes

Anxiety Art therapy 4 Dreams Borboleta 1 Horizonte
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Amanhecer Abstrato 1 Abstrato 2 Abstrato 3
Abstração I Abstração II Abstração III Abstração IV
Reflexão I
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Abstração V Abstração VI Abstração VII Abstração VIII
Meio Ambiente Energia Colapso
Vibração México
Em Chamas
Plátanos XII
Plátanos I Plátanos II Plátanos III Plátanos IV
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Gaze I
Gaze II Gaze III Vulcão Paisagem Abstrata
Esperança I Esperança II Horizonte I Explosão Mar  

JORNAL SANTA CATARINA - Dia 07/11/2001 » clique para ver a imagem ampliada

REVISTA LEROS - edição 122 - Londres 18 Novembro de 2001

REVISTA BR@SIL.NET - Edição 28 - Londres 15 de novembro de 2001


NOTICIAS LATIN AMERICA - Dezembro de 2001 » clique para ver a imagem ampliada

JORNAL SANTA CATARINA - Dia 09/04/2002 » clique para ver a imagem ampliada


Dicionário-catálogo ARTES PLÁSTICA BRASIL

Volume 12


JORNAL SANTA CATARINA - Dia 03/02/2005 » clique para ver a imagem ampliada

JORNAL A NOTÍCIA – ANEXO -  Joinville - Terça-feira, 11 de Abril de 2000 - Santa Catarina – Brasil
Telas em verde e amarelo celebram o descobrimento
Mostra "Brasil 500 Anos" abre hoje em três cidades de SC

JORNAL A NOTÍCIA – ANEXO -  Joinville - Terça-feira, 05 de Setembro de 2000 - Santa Catarina - Brasil
Técnica também pode ser vista em Blumenau
Blumenau abre hoje, no saguão da reitoria da FURB a exposição "Faces Contemporâneas da Gravura"

SITE INGLÊS  – November 19 2001,Monday
Exhibits "Life whith Curves" Silkscreen Paintings

TRIBUNA CATARINENSE – Edição nº. 832 de 06/08/2005
A Fundação Cultural de Balneário Camboriú convida para abertura da mostra coletiva “Verticalidade”

JORNAL DO VALE DO ITAPOCU - 23 de Abril de 2006
Artistas expõem na Unerj
No Centro Universitário de Jaraguá do Sul, permanece aberta a exposição “Divinas – Mente”

Exposição “Divinas – Mente”
Exposição “Divinas-Mente” abre dia 10 em Balneário Camboriú

FOLHA DE BLUMENAU - Matéria publicada na edição 206, no dia 24-09-2008
Vitrine Cultural do Besc apresenta Incandescência
A Vitrine Cultural do Besc, no centro de Blumenau apresenta a exposição Incandescência, da artista plástica Suelene Junkes.

Exposição de Suelene Junkes segue na Galeria de Arte de Balneário Camboriú

MUSEU DO BANNER- Domingo 12 de abril de 2009

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